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United Way of Tampa Bay recently received this startling memo from United Food Bank, an independent agency United Way partners with to help hungry families. It clearly demonstrates the incredible challenges faced by people in our community — and charts how hunger is a growing issue in our region.

“The United Food Bank’s annual Children’s Nutrition Outreach Program provides free breakfast and lunch groceries to children who are at risk of going hungry when school meals are not available. Children can be referred to this program from their schools during spring, summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

The summer program ended August 20th as students will return to school this week. Below is a three year comparison of the impact of the program to children in need in our community:

  • In 2008, there were 2,170 client visits for food; in 2009 we served 4,102 and in 2010, 6,460 sought help.
  • In 2008, we distributed 36,000 pounds of food.  In 2009, 68,000 pounds and in 2010, 77,905 pounds were given out.

Families thanked us all summer and said without the United Food Bank’s grocery support, they did not know how they would feed their children. In fact, the very first day of our children’s summer outreach, an elementary school aged boy came in the United Food Bank with his mom. He said, “I’m starving. We forgot to eat breakfast this morning, didn’t we mom?” When I looked up at the mom, she had tears in her eyes . . . she didn’t forget breakfast, she didn’t have food to give her son . . .

Currently, due to the tremendous impact of our Children’s Nutrition Outreach Program, our shelves are looking empty. Your continued support enables us to refill the shelves and continue providing groceries to truly hungry individuals in our community.”

Data Provided by:
Kelleigh Klein
Executive Director
United Food Bank and Services of Plant City

(United Food Bank and Services of Plant City is an independent nonprofit organization and not directly affiliated with United Way)


These brands are not as “valuable” as United Way – says FORBES MAGAZINE in August 2010 Issue!

Forbes has published its list of the World’s Most Valuable Brands.  United Way is the only nonprofit to make the Top 50, ranking 26th between Verizon and Nintendo.  The article can be found here with a version appearing in the August 30 print edition.   United Way is discussed on page two of the article, which highlights our system transformation.  (We’ve already contacted the reporter about our new name and correct worldwide totals.)

Since the rankings are available only by clicking through a slide show on the Forbes site, included here is the full list.

You may remember that Interbrand conducted a valuation of United Way in 2002 that valued our brand at $34.7 billion.  While employing similar brand valuation methodology, this study values our brand at $14.3 billion.  We believe this is largely because Forbes projects out three years, rather than the seven years projected by Interbrand.

In the Interbrand study, United Way was valued but not listed on the official list of rankings because of the different business models for the non-profit and corporate sectors.  This Forbes study marks the first time nonprofits have been included on the list with business brands, and United Way is the only one making the Top 50

The World’s Most Valuable Brands

Forbes, 2010

Company                                              Brand Value

1.    Apple                                                  $ 57.4 billion
2.    Microsoft                                          $ 56.6 billion
3.    Coca Cola                                          $ 55.4 billion
4.    IBM                                                     $ 43.0 billion
5.    Google                                               $ 39.7 billion
6.    McDonald’s                                        $ 35.9 billion
7.    General Electric                               $ 33.7 billion
8.    Marlboro                                             $ 29.1 billion
9.    Intel                                                       $ 28.6 billion
10.    Nokia                                                  $ 27.4 billion
11.    Toyota                                                $ 24.1 billion
12.    Cisco                                                    $ 23.9 billion
13.    Vodafone                                           $ 23.5 billion
14.    Hewlett Packard                              $ 23.4 billion
15.    AT &T                                                   $ 22.0 billion
16.    BMW                                                     $ 19.9 billion
17.    Oracle                                                  $ 19.8 billion
18.    Louis Vuitton                                    $ 19.0 billion
19.    Mercedes                                            $ 18.8 billion
20.    Disney                                                  $ 18.5 billion
21.    Gillette                                                  $ 18.0 billion
22.    Honda                                                   $ 17.5 billion
23.    Walmart                                               $ 17.2 billion
24.    Pepsi                                                      $ 15.7 billion
25.    Verizon                                                 $ 15.5 billion
26.    United Way                                     $ 14.3 billion
27.    Nintendo                                              $ 14.2 billion
28.    Budweiser                                            $ 14.1 billion
29.    Nescafe                                                  $ 14.1 billion
30.    SAP                                                         $ 14.1 billion
31.    Nike                                                         $ 13.5 billion
32.    American Express                            $ 13.0 billion
33.    Samsung                                              $ 12.8 billion
34.    L’Oreal                                                  $ 12.1 billion
35.    HSBC                                                      $ 12.0 billion
36.    Blackberry                                          $ 11.7 billion
37.    IKEA                                                     $ 11.2 billion
38.    Frito-Lay                                             $ 11.1 billion
39.    Canon                                                   $ 10.9 billion
40.    Wells Fargo                                        $ 10.7 billion
41.    Kellogg’s                                               $ 10.6 billion
42.    J P Morgan Chase                             $ 10.5 billion
43.    UPS                                                         $ 10.2 billion
44.    Bank of America                               $ 10.0 billion
45.    Goldman Sachs                                 $   9.4 billion
46.    Dell                                                        $   9.3 billion
47.    H & M                                                   $   9.1 billion
48.    ESPN                                                     $   9.0 billion
49.    eBay                                                      $   8.9 billion
50.    Gucci                                                    $   8.6 billion

In a few weeks, our new Web site will go live. The address will stay the same: It will still be safe and secure for you to donate and volunteer. But it will be more functional and allow us to bring you more real-time information in a more interactive, less static format.   

The new site aligns with our strategic goals and the four areas we work to impact:

  1. Help children and youth achieve their potential,
  2. Help families achieve financial stability
  3. Provide a safety net of food, shelter and other necessities, and
  4. Create vibrant neighborhoods.

It allows you to see who our partners are, learn about the programs we offer, and find out about our leadership affinity groups. There’s something there for everyone, whether you’re a donor, know someone in need or are just curious and want to learn more about what your United Way is up to.  

This week we celebrate our Workplace Campaign Kickoff in partnership with the Tampa Bay Rays. If your company holds a campaign, thank you in advance for your participation. I’m proud to report that our own internal campaign at United Way of Tampa Bay raised more than $68,000 with an average gift of $1,500. As a hands-on activity, we held an internal food drive, donated 437 lbs. of food and supplies to local shelters and food banks, and spent a day at Feeding America sorting and packing food for distribution. We celebrated our accomplishments at a luau and heard a powerful story from a family we helped.   

I’m proud of my caring team and challenge your team to match our generous spirit to give, advocate and volunteer. 


Diana Baker, President and CEO

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